Networld Corporation

The pillar of Networld's business is to constantly provide innovative foundation products in the IT society that continues to remarkably develop and to provide services and support to make effective use of those products. And, as an unparalleled "solution distributor", we are located between the manufacturer and the system integrator and we take responsible for a part of the value chain. 

Our company aims to be a company with a unique business style, not only distributing the necessary and sufficient product group for building a corporate IT infrastructure but also having more than 1/4 of the technicians of our employees, We also propose technical products and solutions that utilize them. Data centers and cloud computing are making dramatic progress, and by creating and offering "added value" that supports them from the foundation, we hope to be an indispensable company for our partner companies based on strong trust.

"Our pledge is to meet or exceed customer’s requirements" as the basis. And we think highly of our employees. Employees think about the company as a place of self-actualization, and as a result we would like to be able to receive evaluations from stakeholders.
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